The chidren’s home – the place where children will experience love and find their value and destiny


Working in the poorest parts of our town we often come across the problem of disfunctional family. Children whose parents lose their parental rights lose also their undeniable right to have a happy childhood.

We are aware that no Children’s Home will substitute for natural family home, so we have decided to develop the means of livelihood which are close to families’ actual living conditions. Such an approach means reducing institutional character of the Children’s Home in order to create an atmosphere, rules and conditions appropriate for children’s best growth and development.

Children’s home will provide

Round-the-clock care, general educational care, catching up with the educational and social shortcomings, easy and pleasant therapeutic activities (compensatory, remediation and speech therapy). We will do our best to help the children to return to their biological families, if it is only possible, or we will help them to find a foster family.