FALL 2013 – SPRING 2014

Old tenement house was knocked down in late autumn. The winter was warm so getting the building site ready for construction works has gone well. We had to pull down the old house manually for safety reasons. When the site was snowed it, excavator started to remove material.


FALL 2014

Finally, we could see our dreams turn into reality, when the pre-build phase has started. Architectural drawing was carried out by Daniel Cieślik and his company “Anta Architects”. Three-floors building with about 20020-square foot. The facility will include The Children’s Home, The House Of Life for pregnant women and victims of domestic violence and Caleb Club for children and teenagers. The Center will also offer a place to hold a conference or event, coffeshop, bookstore and “Eurohelp” office space.


December 2014 – January 2015

Building is emerging from the ground. It easy to stick to the schedule since the weather is fine. Now we can take a look at place where conference hall, office space and bookstore will be set. We keep moving forward. We are very thankful to Mostostal company for professional coordination.


The next stage of our Building. Been poured floors above the ground floor, and began construction of the first floor. Output from the ground floor, which was a real challenge for the art of building, means that further work will commence with a vengeance. Slowly revealed the outline of the front of the building and the whole begins to take impressive shapes. We are all excited because the weather favors us and for the construction workers joined another team. This means that the building we can build in crude closed until the end of March.


Construction elevated to the level of the second floor. The entire building is gaining impressive size. At this level will be based in a children’s home for 14 charges of common environmental and Caleb’s Club, which will be open seven days a week, open to children in our area. At the same time inside the building industry, work began. They are plumbing works, and soon the heating system works, sanitary and electrical.

Our dreams become very specific shapes.

Our Partners

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